The methods of Applying the human hair extensions on

Different from the traditional way of applying hair extensions on temporary, the new applying human hair extensions skill has been improved. The traditional applying skill is to apply the hair on the scalp with glue and is applied with our own hair root. But the new applying skill is different, it can apply extensions on the hair end, and can last longer and looking more natural. The new applying human hair extensions have two kinds skill methods, one is bonding skill and one is weaving skill.

For the bonding skill, it is a way to boding the hair strands on the hair root part. The hair strands normally including about 50 stick hairs, and each strands is in the same volume. Ebeauty365 have U-tip human hair extensions and I-tip human hair extensions, it is about 0.5gram for each strands and each strands are at the same hair volume. Each hair strand is bonding on the hair root part, and prepare ready, then it can be used to apply on directly. The specific operation is using a special kind of polymer material and put it on the tips of the hair, then hold the extensions on the tips part and make the extensions together with your own hair. When the adhesives is in solidification, a strands hair extensions is applied on successfully.

If you want the extensions looks more natural and real, when we part our hair to be strands, it normally only 10sticks recommend in one strands. In the general condition, we can part our own hair to be about 300 strands. To apply each hair strands with hair extensions will cost about seven to eight hours. If your own hair is very slim, your hair may will need to part to more strands, and each strand has less hair, this will cost more time to apply the hair extensions on. Because apply U-tip or I-tip hair extensions cost much time and work, now more people use the clip in hair extensions, which can apply on and remove off easily. But as the bonding way can last longer and looks more natural and real, there are still many people using the bonding way.

The other kind apply hair extensions method is called weaving skill. It is used the human hair weaves (also called weft), and then install the weave on our head directly.

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Things need to do before applying the human hair extensions

The human hair extensions in here refer to the U-tip or I-tip extensions. To apply the U-tip or I-tip human hair extensions, it needs more time and cost to do it, but it last longer time and looks natural. Here, would like to introduce some notes before applying the U-tip or I-tip human hair extensions on.

Firstly, you have to make a reservation with your hair stylist. To let the hair stylist to see your own hair quality, and talking with her/him about what kind hair extensions is better to apply on your hair, and what style of it. And then make a time when you will come to apply the extensions on.

Secondly, if you want to apply hair extensions, your own hair should be 7cm long, about 2.7inch; including the hair on crown and bottom part. Too short hair is hard to apply the hair extensions on.

Thirdly, if your own hair was dyed with color already, such as red or burg, it needs to dye the hair extensions in the same color and then apply the hair on. Or after applying hair extensions on, then to dye all hair in the same color.

To apply all short hair with hair extensions, it cost money and time. So you could ask your hair stylist to apply a few hair with hair extensions at first, and to see if you like it or not, finally decide to apply all hair with extensions or not.

Finally, because the extensions hair material used to apply on is the original human hair, in this case how long the extensions it will be limited by the human hair length. The longest human hair extensions normally is only 26’’ or 28’’, and the longer the more cost it is. You should pick the right length according to your favorite before apply the extensions on.

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The Hair Extensions is in prevalent

The hair extensions can make your hair become long in short time, and then can do any hairstyle. Today, you may in short hair style, but tomorrow you will become a pretty girl or women with long hair. The process to have hair extensions on is very easy, everyone can have a try.

The hair extensions can work on any hairstyle. For the short hair girls, with the hair extensions can help them have long hair dream come true. What is more, after have the hair extensions on, we can do ponytail, dish the hair, bride hairstyles etc. The short-medium hair, after add hair extensions, can become as Medium-long hair. There are many kinds hair extensions in the market, such i-tip hair extensions, u-tip hair extensions, clip in extensions. If you want to keep hair extensions in firmly way and for longer time, the best way is to use i-tip or u-tip hair extensions, because they are add on our hair by silicon beads. Using the silicon way to add hair extensions can last the long hair for one year time. For the clip in extensions, it is the most easy and save time way, you could clip the extensions on in seconds to have new looking, and also easy to remove.

When washing the hair, we can use some hair conditioner or serum to keep hair looks soft and smooth, also it can help last the hair extensions life span. If you want to curl or dye the hair after adding hair extensions, please make sure the extensions is human hair, and then you could do some curl or dye color, but please do not do much process on hair extensions to avoid damage on hair, and at the same time care the hair extensions with regularly time.

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To Let Your Hair be in Vitality in This Spring

After the March, the earth began to be vitality with green looking. But when stand on the front of the mirror, you may think you are lack something, especially the hair is without vitality and along with hair dry, head itch, maddeningly problems. How to make your hair looks alive?

Most girls will put their main focus on the hair end, they tries many method to care the hair end, but the results are not good. In the fact, how the hair is good or not, is according to the scalp. The scalp is just like the earth, supply enough nutrition and water to hair. If the earth is lack of enough nutrition and water, how the tree, the flowers can grow well? So if you want your hair to looks good, the first thing is to take care of the scalp health. The scalp massage can do very great help on the scalp health. Massage the scalp just likes the way to tilling soil, will have the hair grow healthier. Massage the scalp often can motive the scalp capillaries, when the blood circulation is good, it will do good for hair growth.

When massaging the scalp, cooperating to use some massage scalp products, it will do a great help! This not only helps the hair grow well and release the scalp pressure, but also allow the scalp to fully absorb moisture, nutrients, thereby improving the dry, itchy scalp, the oil problem
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Hair products is popular used in wedding

Wedding is one of the most important things in a person’s life, countless ladies want to be the most perfect at that day. A good hairstyle is one of the most important. The kind of plate made of hair is one of the most classic bridal hairstyle. Some brides who have short hair may worry about this before. But it no needs to worry now. Because we now can use hair wigs or hair extensions to help us, to let us be a perfect bride, a long hair looking and do hairstyles.

For long hair ladies, if they want to change to a different generous looking, they also can use a wig to help them make more perfect. It will help you have a new looking just in minutes.

What is more, the bride also can use hair extensions which has bright colors to highlight their hairstyle, such as honey blonde or auburn trikes.

And as all of us know, the dying color oil and perm not do good on our health, especially for bride who is in pregnant. Then the Pregnant women can use wigs or hair extensions to do good looking hairstyle.

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Some Notice on How to Care a Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs looks natural and feel just like our own hair when apply it on. Keeping a human hair wig in longer lifetime needs regular maintenance. Here are some notice when washing, drying and combing the hair.
It no needs to wash the wig on a daily basis. To determine when to wash the wig, it needs to look at the wig and smell it. If it looks dirty or smell not good, it is just the time to wash it.
Some strong and regular shampoo can do damage on the human hair wig, so it better to use soft wig shampoo to wash it. Please buy a kind of soft lace wigs shampoo, which is used for human hair wigs, this will maintain the hair in longer lifetime. Because the strong or regular shampoo can do damage on the hair, can much shorten the wigs lifetime, such cause hair tangled or shedding much.
Also, please wash in cold-warm water, and avoid scrubbing the hair.

After washing the wig, please gently towel dry the hair firstly, and then put the wig on a dry towel or a wire head to air dry. If you want the hair to be dry more fast, you could use a blow dryer on the human hair wigs.

And at the same time, wash the hair in proper way. After wearing or washing, the hair end will become more or less a few tangle, please firstly remove the hair end tangle firstly, and rush the hair end, then brush the hair from top to end. When there is tangle, please don’t brush hair from top to end directly, it needs to remove the tangle at first. And at the same time, can spray some water on hair, then it can remove the tangle easily and not pull off the hair. Our human hair wigs, if be used and maintain in proper way, can last months normally.
What is more, Please don’t comb the hair from top to end directly when the hair end is tangle, otherwise it will pull off the hair. The hair is tied in double knots, a few shedding is allowed as it is just like our own hair, but it is hard shedding much normally.

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Get rid of three bad habits that do harm to your hair

When dye and curl the hair, doing the hairstyle will make the hair looking more prefect. No, it is total wrong. Please don’t follow it and doing hair in this way. A professional hair stylist would never make such a suggestion. If you want to dye the hair, please do it a month later after the hair is permed. Otherwise, it will give hair much afford, and do damage on it. What is more, the perm syrup will effect the dyed oil, and let the color not to show what you actually want.

Spray perfume on hair can make you have a good smelling. Not, please don’t do it in this way. Everyone like to have their own hair looks fragrance and elegant and smells good. But if you spray the perfume on hair, the results will be counterproductive. Perfumes contain alcohol content, once the alcohol volatile, it will take the moisture of hair away at the same time. So if you want to have “sweet-smelling” hair but results cause the hair more dry, it is absolutely not worth the candle!

Comb the hair with force, it will eliminate the dandruff. It is a mistake way again. If you want to eliminate the dandruff in short time, using the end of thecomb scraping the scalp can indeed temporarily dandruff cleared away. But you have to know, horny will therefore flaking scalp, your scalp has been great damage!

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Medium Long Hairstyle is The Trend

Do you still worry about your hairstyle? This year, the Medium Long hairstyle is the trend, it looks generous and lovely. Today, let us show you three hot and popular ones.

1. Middle parting hairstyle
The middle parting hairstyle design, can cover the high cheekbones, and then can play an excellent repair in looking. The fashion hairstyle give women more elegant and romantic looking, and in a sexy mature charming way. Many customers buy this style wig. The hairstyle is wavy, after you getting the wig (full lace wigs), you could do the middle parting as picture.

2. Hairstyle with bangs/fringe
The bright spot is that the drape fuller sense of the hair, and the bangs cover the long side of the eyebrows. In this way, it make girls looked very sweet, plus the makeup the whole looking effect is praise. If you don’t have bangs, please don’t worry, we also have bangs in stock also. What is more, all the human hair wigs in our site is 100% Human hair, they can be curl by iron. So for the straight hairstyle, you also could use hair iron to curl it, then it will have a new looking, more sexy and charming.

3. Shoulder length with layer hairstyle
Some people don’t like very long length hair, then this kind shoulder length hairstyle is a great choice. It gives people a youth and vitality feeling. Hair is in medium length, normally about 12-14inch. What is more, with the layer cutting, it makes the wigs (synthetic lace wigs) looks more natural.

Chocolate brown color with highlights streak hairstyle
The chocolate brown color is popular in these years. And now, hair designer add some honey blonde streaks in. In this way, it gives people in brighter looking, can catch many people eyes in party.

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How to choose wigs?

Whatever you want long, short, straight or any others kinds of styles, full lace wigs will satisfy them. Browse hair magazines and hair web sites to find the most flattering style. After choosing a look, it’s time to find a professional to purchase the wig from. As if the wig’s quality is best, you can use for long time, then you can save money, too!
On client opinions, when purchase full lace wigs, they hope this wig can suit perfect of his or her head, no only just suit for them, like custom fit, can suit most people, these are the best! There may be several fittings to get the lace wig just right. A stylist must make a mold of the clients head for a perfect fit. It is applied by using a type of glue. After the lace wig is complete a stylist will cut the hair so that it frames the face.
For different shop or markets, full lace wigs price vary from 200$-500$ USD for the average person. There are also deals on sites on the internet but they vary in quality. If you are on television or in the physical store, the prices will be significantly higher.
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Except beauty, what wigs bring us?

As we know, wigs most purpose is used for bald or women, for both of them, they use wigs for beauty. However, individuals may use wigs with regard to other reasons too. Ahead of seeking the daring alternation in hair fashion or color, people might try on a wig simply to determine just how properly the newest appearance fits all of them. There are individuals who get wigs to get a brand new and also diverse look.
Wig is the best choices for these people whom are experienced hair loss or someone want to change their natural looking! It’s a simple and easy way. Wig can give you a completely new appearance in an instant, especially African American human hair wigs, also wigs have different sizes and shapes (hairstyles) you can choose what look best on you.
When you order online, the primary aspect is to discover the best seller online, because the increasing for wigs needed, the prices have grow many times. Also, the assembly regarding wigs uses a few petroleum items. Therefore the increase in the petroleum items boosts the creation costs, which in turn boosts the women’s human hair wigs cost. It’s a well known idea that most of the products can undergo alterations together with regard to the alternation in trends.
Buy wigs online, we don’t need to insist on ordering new. You can also get some good great discount wigs on the secondhand stores. Additionally, there are options of damages during the assembly with the wig. Such cheap wigs along with really second damages tend to be sold at low-cost prices. Apply for them. However make sure that the harm is really modest in order that it won’t get the actual eye. There are different prices on the markets, as there are different suppliers online, they have different technology, this difference makes different prices on markets. Thus you need to investigate regarding various outlets available to find the finest included in this. This can save you much money, too! the retailer can earn much money from this also!
This still have one way that can make price higher, that is you order from retailer not manufacturer. Everything must know, the retailers add the shipping and double profits (its after manufacturer’s profits) on wigs, so it must be high price, so if you want cheap wigs, you can order from manufacturer.
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